Jennifer Elster protests in support of Net Neutrality.



Best Events of the Week

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Experiencing Jennifer Elster's "Retrospective of an Extroverted Recluse Part One" 

"Touching performances." - Delphine de Causans

"Into the woods with Alan Cumming"

The Prologue No. 8: This is Real Featuring Alan Cumming

"The artist name is Jennifer Elster and the show was called 'The Retrospective of an Extroverted Recluse Part One' and was simply magnificent." - Michael Tommasiello 

Artist Jennifer Elster Hosts VIP Preview of "The Retrospective of an Extroverted Recluse"

"Hinged on perfection."

"Jennifer Elster, Who's Collaborated With Bowie and Yoko Ono, Has Mysterious New Show." - Alina Cohen

Bullett premieres The Prologue No. 7 Last Hurrah featuring Paz de la Huerta.

Jennifer Elster's THE RETROSPECTIVE OF AN EXTROVERTED RECLUSE on view at the J. Elster Gallery is featured in: Editors' Picks: 8 Art Events to See in New York This Week.

Untitled Magazine attends the exclusive launch of the J. ELSTER Pop Up Store and Gallery.

"Projected videos of Elster with Yoko Ono and Terrence Howard, and a performance piece entitled Gender Execution, the artist created an immersive and interactive environment." -- Untitled Magazine

Tartarus Magazine shares a sneak peak of Gale Harold in Jennifer Elster's 5 part miniseries, In My Mirror.

TWELV Magazine recently visited filmmaker and designer, Jennifer Elster, at her studio, The Development.

Elster is soon to open a pop-up store and gallery in Tribeca.


Art Zealous interviews Jennifer Elster and enters the world of The Development.

"I have been studying humans in a very acute way my whole life.  That is my real work and it manifests itself through words, images and films." — Jennifer Elster

Visionaire interviews Jennifer Elster regarding the announcement of ChannelELSTER.

"I have worked through very hard things in my own mind to be on a level where I can tell the stories of so many others in a big picture, genuine, unprecedented and unorthodox way. It sounds complex, but it is actually very simple.” — Jennifer Elster

Garage Magazine premieres The Prologue No. 6 Where Are You? Featuring Paz de la Huerta.

   "Gritty." -- Garage Magazine


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