The Development Underground Sound

Jennifer Elster

I went to the most dangerous high school in New York City
back when much of the Upper West Side was super rough
and people were getting killed all the time. 

Life was feared
in the buildings
in the hallways
on the subways
on the streets

There were shootouts at my school
and I believe it was the first school
in New York City
to implement metal detectors. 

The presence of guns are terrifying
no matter who has them. 
Teachers in America are a reflection of the people in our country. 
There are good and bad. Stable and unstable. 
If teachers are armed and they are off and lose their shit
… well. 

On the other hand an unstable child can plot to overtake the teacher to get their gun. 
You don’t invite the problem in
instead you do your best
to keep it out. 
Gun reform in America now. 

And hashtag WeNeedMore. 
We need to invest in securing our schools with metal detectors, 
and security guards, 
and vigilance courses for teachers. 
And students who are believed to be unstable to be psychologically paid attention to and put into proper facilities for their needs. 
And for people to care about one another. 

America is cheap and doesn’t want to take care of its people and invest in the safety for the children. 
Obviously just by the very existence of guns in schools will bring on more deaths in ways we haven’t seen yet. 

Beautiful to see all the children standing up to protect themselves and restoring hope in America. 

This is a message from a concerned citizen. 
This is a message from a concerned citizen. 
This is a message from a concerned citizen.


released May 25, 2018
By Jennifer Elster

all rights reserved


Harmony, vocals, and song by Jennifer Elster, Guitar performed by David Bronson and Percussion performed by Orlando Edmonds.


"Here is a performance  I did of a song I wrote 'Amid the Beauty'. Chris Colton played on my grandfathers piano. This has been an incredibly challenging year for us all and so much worse for so many.It has also been an incredible year with so many fantastic people and memories. 'Amid the beauty I see broken pieces everywhere. Amid the darkness I see beauty everywhere.'
Jennifer Elster

For the Hill

Written by Jennifer Elster



By Jennifer Elster

Jennifer Elster invites a group of talented New York City artists to her studio . Upon arrival, they become part of a tragicomedy, an experimental musical art piece that is just as much charged with anger as it is humor, but still the question remains: IS DEATH FINITE? This piece has been performed at The Development Underground, The New Museum, Central Booking Gallery, Cornelia Street Cafe, and Westpark.

IS DEATH FINITE? features Jennifer Elster, who wrote and directed the piece as well as provided harmony and vocals. Sugar Vendil (classical pianist, The Noveau Classical Project) and Trevor Gureckis (award winning composer and producer, Found Objects and Kanye West's Freestyle 4 ) play the keyboard, Crockett Doob (editor, Beasts of the Southern Wild) is on drums and Julia Wilkins (experimental dancer, ‘here there nowhere’ ) dances.


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