CHANNEL ELSTER is a platform for Out of the Ordinary Cinema and Sound.

Currently, we are showing The Development Underground and The Prologue for The Being Experience, as well as installments from the exhibition The Retrospective of an Extroverted Recluse


The Development Underground

Below the ground there is The Development

Different people stop by. It's peculiar.


The Being Experience

The film series began as an invitation into the woods where no one knew what would happen. The series then embarks on a strange excursion into the labyrinthine minds of the filmmaker and her subjects where pathways always recede. The parameters of filmmaking are stretched to explore new ways of telling a story. ...IN THE WOODS, a part of The Being Experience,errs on the side of risk and penetrates what is often unspokenThe series exposes the complexities of existence and breaks down walls as we see into the subjects. 



"So much to end up here. For nearly a decade I obsessively filmed subjects, examining existence, and exploring crevices in the psychological underground. I returned, in all instances, to a compulsion to penetrate depth while playing with the boundaries of filmmaking with a brave and daring CAST. Getting lost in a hellish mental state was part of the way. Instability came into my frame many times, as did joy. The results are an unabashed look at the wilderness of getting through... and whatever else. 
While in a very long and strange post-production on the feature films and The Being Experience, I began filming The Development Underground series which includes performance pieces, the process of the process, and interactions with visitors at The Development.
Most recently I curated my art into a show that formed THE RETROSPECTIVE OF AN EXTROVERTED RECLUSE .  I also hand sculpt leather accessories which have formed the J. ELSTER collection.
The Development Underground series, announcements for upcoming gallery events and world premieres of the feature films, behind-the-scenes material, and inside information will be delivered to your inbox. So sign up. We will never share your information with anyone."  - Jennifer Elster


HEADVILLE is an archive blog that also serves as a place for honest discourse and the ...In the Woods story. 

ITW Pathway is a website with integrated introspective pathways that can be entered at  A prequel to the film series, the interactive experience samples textures from the original film footage to create an experience of parallax depth, pushing the limits of the medium in unexplored directions. You must have Flash to enter, sorry.



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