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"I have studied human behavior my whole life.  I studied writing and psychology in college. The mind has always been an adventure.  I have lived a fascinating life. My time has been spent with great minds.  I am here to share some of the work from my collection. My work is my findings."  Jennifer Elster August 27th, 2016



is an experimentalist,

writer, director, producer, performer, artist and founder of The Development, an underground, multi-faceted studio based in New York City. Elster's work compulsively penetrates depth while playing with the boundaries of filmmaking.

Elster launched a Pop Up Gallery in Tribeca for a preview of “The Retrospective of an Extroverted Recluse PART ONE” – the first time the artist has presented her work to the public. Culled from a large body of work amassed over Elster’s dynamic underground career, the show is the first of a multi-part retrospective the artist is in the process of revealing. As of late, Elster has been doing performance art at such staple New York City locations as The Development Underground Central Booking, West Park Presbyterian, and Cornelia Street Cafe. 

Previously working out of the public eye, Elster had spent years of deep, and, at times, bizarre excavation into the recesses of her mind and the minds of her subjects, analyzing the depths of human nature. Using words, paper, canvases, photographs, audio, video and performance art, Elster obsessively explores ways to deal with the severity of reality. 

The Retrospective of an Extroverted Recluse PART ONE spans Elster’s early beginnings with her conceptual work where she created characters with and for the late David Bowie, to the pivotal canvas “The Truth Is Valuable” from Elster’s first private underground show in New York City, and continues to tour many years of work from her reclusive state. The multidisciplinary exhibition offers access into the innards of Elster and her subjects.

In her films, Elster takes an unabashed look, both documentary and fiction, into the complexities of the psychology of existence, which can be at times hilarious and at other times terrifying. Such subjects as Yoko Ono, Terrence Howard, Alan Cumming, Paz de la Huerta, Rufus Wainwright, Aimee Mullins, Will Shortz, Questlove and many others have participated in the experimental films written and directed by Elster, and marked by her unusual instructions: the subjects have no idea what they have gotten involved in, what will happen or if they will ever see the outcome. 

While in post-production on the films, Elster got stuck in a perpetual cycle of editing and began filming The Development Underground series that includes: the process of the process; interactions with guests who stopped by; and performance art pieces.

Elster has incessantly written and created throughout her childhood and adult life, often finding the depths of her innermost mind and emotional world a source of utter fascination, adventure, and endless work. Elster uses her sense of humor, her understanding through music, and her creativity to deal with the depths of reality. Says Elster, “I used my work as a study to understand the world in the barest of ways.” 

Elster took note of the disintegrating progressive and experimental film and music platforms for original voices and decided to launch Channel ELSTER, a place for Out of the Ordinary Cinema and Sound.

Elster will be touring with the exhibition and speaking out with her voice in an array of ways.

Please do visit J. ELSTER, where Elster's raw luxury accessory collection can be found.


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