Only the prologue has been released online of the introspective film series entitled THE BEING EXPERIENCE. Described by Rolling Stone as an "enigmatic for hints", and Paste Magazine as an "eerie psychological ride", PART ANIMAL was the official launch of the first installment from The Prologue on the channel at THE BEING EXPERIENCE. "A daring walk into the unknown, the film series delves deep inside each subject and ends up in unchartered terrain."  The Huffington Post calls the experience a "seduction into our own existence" and “a mysterious, existential film journey.” The multi-part film series is a "mystery to everyone, even its subjects" The cast were not told anything before signing onto the project. "Elster's subjects are both literally and figuratively unaware of their path," leading many of them to be very pensive about themselves and their lives. Yoko Ono contributed first time original vocalizations for a feature film, which are scored throughout. USA Today noted that people have been speculating about Elster's "mysterious multimedia project for a long time"—saying "in fact, it's been nearly three years since 'clues' began popping up online." An interactive online experience that began as ITWPATHWAY, “pieces”, and online clues were released during post production (a storytelling puzzle of multimedia interactivity), that have now come together under the banner of THE BEING EXPERIENCE.

"Experimental filmmaker Jennifer Elster prefers to avoid specifics when she talks about her mysterious new star-studded film series, THE BEING EXPERIENCE." In an interview with Rolling Stone, Elster said, "I'm completely connected to the core of my existence and the truth. It's what I care about. Which means...what, exactly?" When asked what inspired the project: "One question that I had in my mind, which I answered in the woods. And what question would that be? She won't say." For the past several years, she has been engrossed in this masterwork—the multi-part film series THE BEING EXPERIENCEwhich is her most innovative project to date.  Drawn to exploring the unknown, a risk taker and boundary pusher by nature, Elster’s work illustrates the “unruly excursions into the recesses of the mind". Elster said to the Huffington Post, ''…In the Woods'' definitely errs on the side of danger, existing outside the bounds of how we are expected to behave.” This tendency towards illuminating the mysteries of the internal world is exemplified in Elster’s film series, in which she plays with and pushes the parameters of filmmaking. The first film of the series, ''…In the Woods'', is “non-formulaic” in its composition— an “unusual collection of disparate moments woven together to create unified and emotionally charged narratives while various plots unfold.” The delivery, as said by Elster, is to be as “unconventional” in its nature, with material “unleashed” in episodic segments. Elster began releasing an online trail of “clues,” pieces and clips she said that “provoke mental and emotional game progression” for ''…In the Woods''.  Elster also released an interactive online experience that began as ITWPATHWAY, a blog,  and a trailer for ''…In the Woods'' during post production, that have now come together under the banner of THE BEING EXPERIENCE.  Included within THE BEING EXPERIENCE are the films ''...In the Woods'', ''Into the Cave'', ''In My Mirror'', ''The Mill'', ''Concrete Underground'', and ''But We Are Home.'' Operating on multiple levels of consciousness, the multi-part film series is said to be an ongoing journey to be released on a variety of platforms. 




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