by Jennifer Elster

The film series began as an invitation into the woods where no one knew what would happen. The series then embarks on a strange excursion into the labyrinthine minds of the filmmaker and her subjects where pathways always recede. The parameters of filmmaking are stretched to explore new ways of telling a story. ...IN THE WOODS, a part of The Being Experience, errs on the side of risk and penetrates what is often unspoken. The series exposes the complexities of existence and breaks down walls as we see into the subjects. 

The cast includes Terrence Howard (actor), Rufus Wainwright (musician), Temple Grandin (author, autistic activist), Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson (musician), Jørgen Leth (Danish poet, film director), Moby (musician), Bob Mankoff (cartoon editor for The New Yorker), Dave Matthews (musician), Liya Kebede (supermodel), Kent Cullers (blind physicist, NASA), Famke Janssen (actress), Will Shortz (crossword editor for The New York Times), Aimee Mullins (athlete, actress, model), and many others. Learn more about them by clicking on the names in the CAST page.

So far, Elster has shared an interactive online experience and only a few snippets online, The Prologue No. 1-8, which left people curious.

Official series date to be announced



Jørgen Leth at The Development speaking about the "poetic adventure" of going ...In the Woods.


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