NOVEMBER 18, 2016


Jennifer Elster performs Amid the Beauty and Danger Pursues in The Development Underground.    Attendees experience the first intimate fashion show of the sculpted pieces from the J. Elster collection on Selah Marley and Justin Leblanc.

 The5O presents DJ Payton Long. who opens for  DJ's Angel + Dren and Stella Santana performs.

"Here is a performance  I did of a song I wrote 'Amid the Beauty'. Chris Colton played on my grandfathers piano. This has been an incredibly challenging year for us all and so much worse for so many.It has also been an incredible year with so many fantastic people and memories. 'Amid the beauty I see broken pieces everywhere. Amid the darkness I see beauty everywhere.'
Stay warm, Jennifer Elster December 21, 2016

Amid the Beauty Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved

Jennifer Elster performance at the J. Elster NYC  x  The 50 holiday affair in The Development underground.

"Let us feast.
Let us be weary.
In the ripest of times,
danger pursues.
Extend. I tell you extend to your brothers and sisters which is all of us together right now. We all need each other more than we know." -- Jennifer Elster November 2016

Jennifer Elster poetry at the J Elster NYC x The50 Holiday Party

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