Q   What should I expect to see here?

A Different things. We are currently featuring installments from the Prologues of two series: The Being Experience and The Development Undergroundas well as installments of The Retrospective of an Extroverted Recluse exhibition.


Q   Didn't The Being Experience come out already?

A The Being Experience is not a film but an expansive project that can and will be experienced through a variety of platforms. You can view The Prologue here


Q Where can I buy it?

A Buy what? Check out the STORE or take a peek at J. ELSTER.


Q How/when will I see more?

A   Every Wednesday. Keep a look out.


Q Is this a documentary?

A At times, The Being Experience is a documentation of the parts of ourselves that we most try to hide. At other times, it is a strange narrative.


Q Is there a specific message here?

A   No.


Q When will I see [insert cast name here]?

A You are welcome to request to see a subject in an upcoming installment.


Q Can I be a part of The Being Experience?

A If you're here, you already are.


Q   I see that you have held private events, will there ever be public events?

A   Yes, we are currently arranging public events.


Q   What is ITW Pathway?

A   A website with integrated introspective pathways to be found at The Being Experience. (You must have Flash to enter)


Q What is the meaning of life?

A That's for you to decide.

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